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a consulting and international lobbying founded in 1989 in Miami by Julio Ligorria, who retired from the company in August 2013.

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Strategic Planning

Experts at your service.In today's competitive world, the correct and most fruitful path is specialization. Details for many may go unnoticed, yet define success groups forefront of all human activity.

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Image in government affairs

It is an indisputable fact that most topics of interest in Latin America and much of the world, gravitate around the government

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INTERIMAGE and strategic advertising

Selling a massive level of ideas remains one of the largest and most effective persuasion resources.


  • Welcome to Interimage Latinoamericana SA, your best choice for political consulting and public affairs.


For one simple reason: comfort. The comfort factor and mastering as many elements of public opinion, often determine how quickly the results are achieved, particularly when they have a decisive effect on social conglomerates.


It is an indisputable fact that most topics of interest in Latin America and much of the world, gravitate around the government.

 Maintaining a good relationship through high-level contacts, is part of the contemporary requirements of the great managers of social development. So INTERIMAGE also offers a dynamic high-level communication in virtually the entire continent.

 Our extensive knowledge in handling public things, allows INTERIMAGE and it's group of advisors throughout the region, propose important projects in all areas of government and political action.

 INTERIMAGE has paid special attention to this category of services when advising our clients because it offers services ranging from lobbying to research in legislative matters, passing through the fields of media monitoring and analysis, preparation of themes to carry discussion circles at the highest level to crises forecast service= early alert.

 Our contacts with leaders at all levels in the continent allows us to locate allies and experienced counselors, all of them eager to help strengthen democracy in Latin America.

 The key concept in image management in government affairs is the perspective you want to share with the masses.

 So INTERIMAGE pays particular attention to details that make up the essential traits of men and public institutions, as we are fully aware of the importance of a good image, credible and good arguments to support in influencing major national decisions .



The globalization of society and mass communications have made social, political and economic phenomena easily reach dimensions that can cause irreparable damage to the image of persons or institutions.

 For lack of foresight or ignorance, efforts of many years have been destroyed or have been demerited-in timeline- or reputations and important initiatives have been marred by a long period.

 INTERIMAGE has devoted considerable effort to turn crises into opportunities thanks to proper management of public opinion. It has sophisticated procedures to end what adverse public opinion points are reversed to become points of support for many projects and initiatives.

 adequate promotion of the virtues of a determined item newsworthy and identify the weaknesses of the critical factors to achieve results, can be extremely beneficial to our customers.

 Our models to address the crisis and turn it into an opportunity, have an initial assessment and analysis stage, during which we identify the apparent problem, the real problem and review strengths, weaknesses and threats in relation to our clients.

 Going further into the same model, INTERIMAGE locates and analyzes the apparent and real causes of the problem to end in a final stage during which we produce solutions. That is when we define the actors, a working strategy, program times and movements, and concepts to communicate.

 In any case, the experience of years and ongoing professional development process which our staff is subjected, is the guarantee of full, deep and highly efficient backup to locate hazards and opportunities for groups under pressure in times of crisis.

 The crisis is for INTERIMAGE synonymous with challenge and opportunity. Our philosophy defines us as a group committed with support and delivery of smart solutions during less comfortable moments. So our location is close to the major decision makers